Why Becari?
Becari now has two Oaxaca locations!

At the Becari Language School, we specialize in offering many different options for any person interested in learning our beautiful Spanish language. To study at Becari is not only to learn a new language but also to enter another culture. We are a medium size school which prides itself on careful and sustained attention to each student regardless of his or her level of proficiency with a staff of qualified teachers. who have ample experience in the field of Spanish as a second language. Watch our video showing Becari in action!

• Medium size school
• Professional teachers
• Over 50% of our students arrive by recommendation
• Diploma after 2 weeks
• Carefully selected and monitored Mexican families
• Numerous social activities
• Students ID/Discounts card

• Oaxaca Airport pick-up and homestay drop-off
• Intercambios
• Wireless Internet Access and Fax
• Cell phones available for students
• One time enrollment fee
• Bildungsurlaub for students in Frankfurt, Germany

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